Penrhys, Ernest Zobole, c1951

Penrhys, Ernest Zobole, c1951


Author: Jimmy Browne

Written in response to ‘Penrhys’ Ernest Zobole, (c1951)

So many things are over-analysed and subjected to being described in official, ‘correct’ terminology these days. Well, alright, perhaps in days gone by things were sometimes too little analysed and terms used unfairly and in a hurtful way but there must be a balance to be struck somewhere. Nowadays, people don’t complain of “feeling a bit down today, that’s all”. No, its straight to the doctor for “something for depression”.

Sometimes, when a day at work left me ‘feeling a bit down’ I would give the bus a miss and walk home over Penrhys. The road up from Tylorstown is steep but there’s no law that says you can’t stop for a short rest if you feel the need. Eventually, the Rugby Club passes by on the left and the Cemetery on the right and the roundabout at the entrance to Penrhys is reached. There the joy of being able to look back down the road to the Fach and see the road ahead sloping downwards to the Fawr, is enough to begin to raise the spirits. You can even treat yourself to a little joke; “well, its really all downhill from here.”

With a new spring in your step, you can now lift your head and look across the valley below, from Tonypandy up to Treorchy. Of course you can, yes, I’m telling you, that really is the Parc and Dare you can see.

Depression, doctor’s, do me a favour, I was just feeling a bit down, that’s all.

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